Rental Suction Excavator

Testani Gestioni srl distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the opportunity to its customers to use a suction excavator, means able to reduce costs and optimize processing times.

Drain in Big Bag

The suction can pack in Big Bag, giving the advantage of being able to bring in a product disposal facility already bagged limiting shedding.

Exhaust Container Demountables

Cap Geo is an extremely innovative product that surprises for performance, power and potential applications, it has been specifically created for the excavation of heavy materials in places difficult to reach with conventional mechanical systems. The exhaust system for tipping the tank allows to rotate on the three sides of the truck and to raise its discharge point beyond two meters for the filling of swap bodies. The rotating arm, using accessories, reaches a working range of 250 °.


The technological state of the aspiration vacuum and pneumatic transport of powdery materials and liquids including hazardous ADR. The equipment combines maximum efficiency to the high suction power. Aspires materials damp and wet or dry materials and dust, long distances and great depths. The automatic unloading system allows the continuous discharge eliminating downtime and allowing the discharge of particulates up to 60 meters high.

Exhaust system with Venturi


System that harnesses the power of pressure, that comes to long distances, allowing you to push, dust, sand and granular in silos.


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